The essay ‘Revelations of a Writing-Case: At Copenhagen’ (1856) was written by the British Dante scholar Henry Clarke Barlow (1806–1876) during his journey to Denmark and Sweden in 1856. The Barlow Papers, of which these fragments are part, are the result of Barlow’s own original bequest of 1876. In addition to his library, which included several editions of La Divina Commedia (the Divine Comedy), and a fund to support public lectures on Dante, Barlow bequeathed to UCL papers, such as manuscripts and notes, relating to his published and unpublished work on Dante or other topics of his interest as well as papers relating to his journeys. These include several travel journals and essays which he compiled while travelling through Europe for his Dante research. 

You can find out more about this and Barlow’s second essay on Copenhagen (‘Revelations of a Writing-Case: Leaving Copenhagen’) – where Barlow comments on the positive societal effects of easier access to culture and education – in the article ‘The Cheerful Danes: Henry Clarke Barlow’s “Revelation of A Writing Case (1856)” on Copenhagen’ by Dr Elettra Carbone published in Scandinavica 58: 2, 2019.

Location: UCL Special Collections, Barlow Papers