Nordic Fragments is an online exhibition where historical items from UCL Collections are combined with modern-day digital objects in order to explore stories of Anglo-Nordic connections from the nineteenth century onward.

The exhibition in divided in three main sections which broadly work as umbrella categories for the items gathered so far: landscapes and communities, translation and remediation, research and teaching. Items featured so far are part of two renowned UCL collections: UCL Art Museum (UCL Culture) and UCL Special Collections (UCL Library Services). The exhibition has been curated by Dr Elettra Carbone and designed by Dr Essi Viitanen.

This exhibition aims at focusing on the ‘fragments’, namely a selection of materials from UCL Collections ranging from unpublished nineteenth-century engravings of Norwegian landscapes to papers relating to the Scandinavian visits of former UCL members of staff, from the original drawings of Danish Golden-Age painters to entire rare book collections.

While the items featured so far focus mostly on Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden), we hope to expand the focus to all the Nordic region in time. Work on this exhibition is ongoing and more items will be added in the coming years as we unearth them and progressively regain access to archives following closures in Covid-19 lockdown periods. 

The exhibition was kindly sponsored by the UCL Grand Challenge of Cultural Understanding, which looks at the differing, complex and evolving relationships between people, communities and culture, and UCL Critical Heritage Small Grants.


The materials included in this online exhibition contain information or visuals that may:

  • include personal details of living individuals;
  • be upsetting or distressing;
  • be explicit or graphic;
  • include objects and images of objects decontextualised in a way that is offensive to the originating culture.

By viewing this material, we ask that you use the content lawfully, ethically and responsibly.

Images on this website should not be reproduced without permission. Please contact Dr Elettra Carbone if you have queries or use the website’s Contact form. 

Please note that we are making every effort possible to obtain permission to use images of the items found on this website. In some cases, however, it has not been possible to trace the copyright holder(s). Action will be taken as suitable, including removal of image from site if required, if copyright holders make themselves known.